A real surprise… It's good to know this songwriting tradition is continuing full-force through Ensle.
- Texas Monthly Magazine, Austin TX

George's songs are visions…'All I Need' is an anthem for the life that we
all hope for…
- Dalis Allen, Producer Kerrville Folk Festival

Who's admired as an acoustic finger picking guitarist almost as much as he's respected as a folk/country singer-songwriter… Ensle's most engaging characteristics, his warmth and sincerity.
- Third Coast Music, John Conquest

Timeless… Perfection at every turn… Somewhere between the poignancy of Townes Van Zandt and the cavalier comfort of Willie Nelson.
- My Texas Music.com

…Delicate arrangements… Stunning singer/songwriter… Beauty with both words and music… True… Essential…
- Mike the Frenchy Penard-DJ French Bonjour and American ISA Radio

…Strong narratives and clear images are a hallmark of George's songwriting…
- Tony Wilson, DJ Roots and Branches KZSM, San Marcos TX

Peer Praises: Townes Van Zandt named George Ensle as one of his most influential and admired contemporary performers.
- Frets Magazine


Presents warm, engaging, thematically linked selections packed with vivid characters, intriguing stories and wisdom.
- John Lomax III, Nashville TN, "Home" CD

The album is testimony to his passion for the craft… It does what music should do: It heals the heart and inspires the soul.
- Tony Ramey, Multi platinum Songwriter-Artist

"Home" CD George is a genuine Texas troubadour, playing and singing in the tradition of Townes, Jerry Jeff and Guy… George's songs are story-songs… The lyrics tell us about real people and life in general... George alternates perfectly between ballads and up-tempo tunes. A great CD.
- Fred Schmalle, MAZZ MUSIKAS, Antwerp Belgium, "Home" CD

Veteran, master songwriter, George Ensle, releases all the horses on his concept album,
"Small Town Sundown" The struggles of the small-town family-owned businesses, small-town high school crushes that may someday be revisited, redneck neighbors or hard workin' ranchers, Ensle is telling it. Appropriately, what George likes to call 'A Movie In Song,' subtitles the album's namesake, "Small Town Sundown."
George does some stellar finger-picking and brings these great stories to life with an assortment of tempos and melodies that truly 'perk the pallet.' Slow and wrenching ballads like "Ballad of Cynthia Brown", to the good ole' Texas swing, light fantastic tracks like, "It's A Texas Thang" keep the listener's attention for the entire length of the project…
I give this record… 2-Big-Thumbs-Up!
- Tom Tranchilla, Host of Songwriter's Studio KPFT, Houston TX, "Small Town Sundown" CD

George Ensle... A song painter... Mood-set pieces and deft strokes of masterful picking... Easy... Beautiful... Bluesy... Crafts a touching portrait.
- The Austin Chronicle, "Build A Bridge" CD

An impressive album… Shows a lot of maturity… Great compositions… great country-folk album from Texas.
- Oldie, Markt, Hamburg W. Germany, "Build A Bridge" CD

He considers each of his songs small movies and captures lifescape with his 'story song' portraits of real people making it in the real world. At this performance, Ensle's stage at the theater was set to look like a cafe where he asked the audience not to clap between songs and narrated, in character, the story of a man growing up in the fictional rural town of Windmill, Texas.
He sang a dozen songs that examined the life and times of small town Texas in the 50's and 60's as observed by his main character and presumed alter ego, J.D. Ensle has a beautiful finger picking style that is flawless and full of finesse. His down-home, warm stage persona made me feel like I was with family. Mr. Ensle is a delightful and well accomplished artist who delivered a show worthy of our full attention.
- Three Chords and the Truth, Ronnie Narmour